We believe life should be simpler and less cluttered. We are a new kind of online gift service.


We are here to help you.

We present to you the UK's only online directory of experience gifts and charity gifts. Your new go-to place for gifts that aren't 'stuff'.



We do things differently round here


We value our planet and we value the people that live on it. That is why we do business as fairly and as sustainably as we can. We reduce our waste as much as possible, and that we cannot reduce we make sure is sourced from recycled and recyclable materials. Our web site is hosted by a server fuelled by solar power and wind power as is our electricity.


We are a social enterprise. That means that we are a nice business that cares about helping society. We like championing other social enterprises and like to partner with companies with similar ethics to ourselves. If you are  a lovely business like us and would like to be featured please get in touch.


We believe transparency is key, we have nothing to hide! To run a site of this nature it is not free. We don't believe in selling advertising space to other companies who may not share our view on the world so we get our funding from commission on affiliate links. When you find a product you like and click on the buy now link, it will take you directly to the organisation's product page, an organisation that you know you can trust.


And finally, we know how important it is to give something back too. That's why at least 10% of our profits are put back into less advantaged communities, backing entrepreneurs who want to invest in their livelihoods or create new businesses and opportunities for themselves and their families.


A present from us means no time wasted trawling shops, and more precious time spent with each other. It means no clutter, no waste, no unwanted presents, no re-gifting, no embarrassment and much more joy, and that's what life's about.


We have everything you need here in one neat little package. Choosing Presence not presents makes life easier for you, and it keeps the world a little cleaner and a little greener. It lifts spirits and brings joy to your recipient, to you, and to us because this is what we love to do.

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