Happy Halloween

The Zombies' Tale

Halloween creeps around once more

The children knock upon your door

Greedily clambering for their sweets

As screams and howls ring in the street

The windows rattle

The fires crackle

The ravens fly

Night blackens the sky

Petrified bones begin to creak

Out of coffins ghosts will creep

Softly, softly, black cats purr

As the graveyard awakens and stirs

Can you hear them calling?

The whispering undead?

"No trick or treating for you sonny Jim,

Come and fight us instead!"

Yes. That's right, I'm talking #zombies. Reanimated corpses. The walking dead.

I've had my fill of candy and sweets over the years. I had a good deal going with my brother. He would take the sweets and I would take the chocolate. Done deal. Obviously I did better with that one! We'd go out with our buckets and knock on every door in the neighbourhood until they were too full to carry, come back home, dump them out and start all over again. I've dressed up as the Corpse Bride, Medusa, a ghoul, the rag doll from A Nightmare before Christmas,,, heck, I've been Avatar, Lisa Simpson, the Absinthe fairy, the Mad Hatter, Marilyn Monroe and even a Roy Lichtenstein painting. I've definitely done my fair of share of fancy dress for #Halloween.

And I still love it. But the sparkle began to lose it's sheen when I went to a dead celebrity's party at a bar dressed up as the late great Robin Williams (nanoo nanoo) with my husband a few years go. We were practically surrounded by children. Hundreds of 18 and 19 year olds with the odd pair of fairy wings and a smattering of cat ears, a dead celebrity party this did not make. The music was bloody awful, no Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain or the Doors, like the poster suggested. We decided we would give it 3 songs to see if the atmosphere/music improved. I popped to the loo and while I was gone my partner was asked by one of the other party goers if he had come out with his kids. We didn't even last one song.

So since then, we haven't really bothered with Halloween. That was, until, last year. My husband is a removals expert, and with his job sometimes comes more exciting work. Last Halloween he was asked to move the set for a Halloween experience in Manchester, and as a thank you we were given complimentary #tickets. He had, of course, seen the set and was not phased but I had no idea what was in store. Round every corner and behind every door was a new scream eliciting surprise. There were zombies, witch doctors and serial killers aplenty, so real and believable I just got totally sucked in. One of them made me climb into a blood covered bathtub and I screamed the place down when it smashed the tin bath with the hammer it was holding.

With the advent of Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead... us humans like to imagine what it would be like to live in a not to far off dystopian future where the shit has fully hit the fan and the zombies want us dead. Well now we can have a chance to get as close as we can (safely) get. At PRESENCE not presents we offer a variety of zombie gift experiences for you to really get the #adrenaline pumping. Try the zombie infection experience for one or two or if you really want to be ready in case of a zombie apocalypse, try your hand at zombie themed weaponry training. The perfect unusual gift for the ultimate horror fan, or even just for someone with a particularly bleak outlook on life.

Happy Halloween, whatever you get up to.

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