Fruit Trees and Saplings


Christian Aid


Give others a fruitful Christmas, and lasting support with our gift of fruit trees! By purchasing this gift from PRESENCE not presents you are helping Christian Aid change the lives of peoples along the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh.


In Bangladesh, poor and marginalised families are forced to live along the flood-prone Brahamputra River. Morsheda and her young family live in a single-room dwelling that has been flooded four times. She lives in constant fear that one day they’ll lose all their worldly possessions and perhaps even their lives.


With your support, we could help transform the life of women like Morsheda by flood-proofing her home and providing her with seeds and tools to earn a living. Your gift of ‘Fruit trees’ could help provide families like Morsheda with saplings to grow mango, lemon and papaya trees.



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