Water Hand pump


Christian Aid


At PRESENCE not presents, we would love to see everyone have access to clean water. Support Christian Aid's Christmas campaign in South Sudan this year, and help them make sure hand pumps in the country are maintained. By purchasing this gift through PRESENCE not presents, you are helping Christian Aid support the people of South Sudan, long after Christmas.


The conflict in South Sudan has displaced over 2.4 million people. Michael and his family were forced to flee their village after it was raided by government forces. Homes were looted and villagers were killed indiscriminately. They lived in swamplands for two and a half months before venturing back to their village to discover that all their possessions were gone.


Christian Aid is helping families like Michael’s to get back on their feet by providing them with emergency assistance and the means to earn a living. Your gift could help towards repairing hand pumps that will provide access to safe water supplies.



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