Hook, Line and Dinner


Christian Aid


This gift may look fishy, but it could change someone’s life. By purchasing this gift through PRESENCE not presents, you are helping Christian Aid help people in Ethiopia start their own fishing business. A- boat time! Makes a great Christmas present.


Christian Aid is helping poor cattle farmers in rural Ethiopia set up fishing cooperatives to sell their fish in local markets. We gave a cattle farming community boats and nets that allowed them to fish in deeper waters and they’re now catching up to 3,000 fish a day. They were also given equipment and training on how to prepare fish for sale. The fishing cooperative now sells their fish to the Ethiopian Fishing Association and make up to £20,000 birr a month (£664).


Awol says, ‘Being organised in a group means we can have group savings’ and he is now able to provide for his family, even during a drought.



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