Junior Astin Martin Driving Experience




Aston Martin, the supercar for the stylish. Driving one is an ambition that many adults never attain, so it’s doubly cool to drive one when you’re young! This is an experience that'll make your kids the envy of the playground; they'll get to drive one of Britain's most iconic cars for 6 miles around a circuit with a highly experienced instructor there to help them get the maximum out of this amazing opportunity. The kids (aged 12-17) will be kitted out in full safety gear before receiving a welcome, introduction and briefing. Then it'll be out to the Aston Martin: the lucky child will get into the driving seat, whilst a fully qualified ARDS instructor climbs into the passenger side. With dual controls, this drive is completely safe and still an amazing experience. Perfect for every potential James Bond.


This experience gift is available at 5 locations nationwide



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